Treasure Trails

Somerset’s towns and villages are full of hidden secrets and Treasure Trails are inviting people to embrace their region with a series of walking, cycling and driving Trails with a difference.

For kids of ALL ages they are the perfect opportunity for you to do a little detective work, embrace your inner pirate and seek out the location of the hidden treasure, or crack the code and save the world!

Hmmm… why are pirates called pirates? Because they just Aarrrghhh!

There are over thirty locations perfect for exploring throughout Somerset but you won’t be the first to head this way, nor will ye be the last! growing in popularity the scallywags at Treasure Trails are continually expanding the choice, range and location of Trails eventually leaving no stone unturned throughout the region.

What’s great is for little more than a fiver you can take the whole family out for the afternoon, or maybe just sneak out the back when no one is looking and do the Trail yourself. Come on, who you kidding you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of an Indiana Jones or maybe Miss Marple!

The Trails provide a fun, healthy and educational experience, as you solve the clues around the region’s villages, towns or cities. Trail typically take around two hours but are designed to be completed at your own pace to allow for detours and refreshment breaks.

Treasure trails can be downloaded and printed at home or be sent to you as a printed booklet. In most cases Trails can be completed at any time of your choosing.

Once completed you can submit your answer online to be in with a chance to win a cash prize!

You can find out more at Treasure Trails