Great Ways To Explore The English Countryside – 1

The English countryside offers some fantastic views, panoramas and simple pleasures, so what better way to explore them than from the air – from a balloon!

Appreciate the English countryside from a balloonWe were lucky enough to have the opportunity to make our escape from the delightful Victoria Park in Bath.  This was our first time in a hot air balloon, we had no expectation of what was before us, other than perhaps some anxiety of this basket carrying us atop without any help other than the flames from an oversize barbeque bottle.

The loading was an interesting experience, as we attempted to board whilst undergoing some quite gusty conditions. Nevertheless, there was no turning back now, and the sight of our posteriors hanging out the back of a giant picnic hamper provided some frivolity amongst the bystanders and self appointed experts on how to get in a balloon.

Wer’e off, and as we drift into the distance I get the urge to recreate a scene from ‘UP’ or perhaps ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ but am swiftly brought back to reality as the pilot refers me to this thin red cord adjacent. “Don’t pull that, it lets the air out!” Enough said.

If you’ve never been aloft before and have some concerns about vertigo, I can assure you there isn’t any. It’s quite a surreal sensation, no wind, no sound apart from the occasional burst from the extra large Bunsen burner, which does wonders for split ends if you stand a little to close.

Hot air balloons in ascentOnce our loved ones have disappeared, never to be seen again, we get down to the serious business – surveying all that we own  ( I can dream!) from 1500 feet. We gently purr along, the people busying themselves below. mostly oblivious to our presence. It gives you this strange feeling of detachment. Like the world is going on around you, and you have left it behind, for a moment anyway.

A quick blast of the Bunsen and sheep, deer and rabbits momentarily scatter, until they realise the risk has passed and carry on their scrumping from the abundance of grass that surrounds them.

What amazes me, as you leave the large areas of urbanisation behind, how much of our countryside remains intact and almost untouched, it’s just so much better than browsing ‘Google Earth’  and much more an experience than landing or taking off on commercial aircraft.

Cars and trains take on this distinct toy-like appearance, whilst the gentle murmurings of  cattle seem to travel from afar, unabated by the normal hubbub of everyday life. The whole experience really is quite wonderful. Observing the farms and fields, the woodlands and rivers from above gives me a new perspective on farming and agriculture, how much I still have to learn and discover about the countryside I love so much.

We once again pass over an urban area, where a family offer up some sausages from their evening soiree, and two lads pursue us with vigour on their gear-less cycle, perhaps hoping to hitch a ride or see us crash!

Our pilot is seeking a suitable place to land, deflate, stall, crash – or whatever the technical term is for bouncing and dragging our hamper along the ground, as long as he misses the electricity pylons, I’ll live with the alternatives!

Having scooted over the local cricket pitch we crouch down before touch down, which can only be described as unusual, bouncing twice and then gently dragged through some rather long vegetation, scattering grass tops amongst our hamper contents. A pleasant and uneventful landing, leaves us with the tiresome yet fulfilling task of packing the balloon and awaiting our more regular form of transport home.

Ballo0ning is just the most perfect way to experience the English countryside, it’s a surreal and gentle form of transport which gave us the opportunity to appreciate the abundance and beauty that surrounds us. If you haven’t done it – do it!

Welcome to the English Countryside

The English countryside is a magical place to visit, and an even more magical place to live. The landscapes, gardens, coastal areas, moors, wildlife, lush winding valleys, villages and hamlets are beautiful places to experience.  For so many, the English countryside gets no more than a fleeting glance, for me it’s more, it’s part of the fabric of my life.

Visited by millions of people every year, the English countryside is a place to enjoy, throughout the seasons. A gentle picnic, the buzz of the bees, the scent of a beautiful rose as it comes into flower. Maybe, the hoare frost, the early morning mist as it hovers over a winding river, or the even song of native birds. The English countryside is a place for creating beautiful memories, moments of inspiration or just a place to relax. Whatever draws you to the English countryside, you will surely find some hidden gems alongside the well known.

So rest a while and take time to sit and stare.

The English countryside is at the heart of English culture, from historic rural industries and crafts, many of which are still in practice today, to the modern day farmers markets, evolving creative industries and festivals. But for me it’s the opportunity to indulge in simple pleasures, the opportunity to observe the wildlife, the habitat, the graceful splendour of our stately homes and gardens. Most of all it’s the feeling of being close to nature. An escape from the rat race, and a recognition that it is not the days, but moments which will capture your heart forever.