Hidcote – the Making of a Garden

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The garden of Hidcote Manor, Gloucestershire, is one of the most visited in England. With magnificent hedges, an abundance of old shrub roses. scarlet tinted herbaceous borders, masses of wonderful foliage plants and thematic ‘gardens within gardens’, for many it captures everything that an English garden should be.

So I was pleased to get the opportunity to read an original and well researched book about the origins of Hidcote gardens and more of the life of it’s creator.

Ethne Clarke unravels Major Johnston’s background and personality and the shaping of his gardening career.

Hidcote Manor Gardens

She places Hidcote in the context of the contemporary gardening world, assessing both Johnston’s influences and the tremendous effect that Hidcote’s innovatory style was to have on the English gardening tradition.

Thoughtfully written and beautifully illustrated, this informed and wholly engaging perspective of Johnston’s life. character and work is a worthy and inspiring tribute to his outstanding achievement.

First published in 1989, the reality of Johnston’s vision and Ethne Clarke’s research provide one of the first narratives on the making of Hidcote, a garden subsequently covered by volumes of subsequent works. For me the orginals are the best.

100 Favourite Poems of the Countryside

Laurence Cotterell selects 100 favourite poems about the countryside in this beautiful compilation of some of the world’s greatest poets of all time. He presents the poems in a number of categories which include: The Seasons, Country Living, Rural Love, Flora and Fauna, Purely Pastoral and Conservation.

The book offers a timeless treasure for all those that love poetry and the countryside, hardbound and illustrated with exclusive line drawing and famous paintings it surely is a perfect companion for the English Countryside blog!

The works of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Shelley, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Keats, Herrick, Emily Dickinson, Thomas Hardy, Dylan Thomas, Sir John Betjeman, Laurie Lee and Catherine Cookson are represented.

So pop along to your favourite bookstore, then pop along to your favourite countryside spot and quietly entwine yourself in the worlds favourite Wordsmiths. Alternatively you could broadcast your favourite poem  for all the world to hear, as you sit abreast the solid branch of an ageing oak amongst the sparrows and the tits.

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